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  1. dzine says:

    other than flipping is it possible to embed video clips(as is done in epub?) and still flip without loosing video-content? is it possible to include pagemarkers so one can retrace the page they wanted to refer to later?

    what about something to search by keywords the content of the book?


  2. How easy to change the background color or drop a background image. Customize the navigation on the bottom, add a header with company logo and other important info like phone numbers.

  3. Grace says:

    Can we use pageflip5 with spreads. I have photospread that make up 2 pages. I wondering this can be done.

    • Abel Vincze says:

      Sorry but spreads can’t be used directly, you have to split those pages. But, if you make a PDF from your images, the way the first page is made a single page (half the width of the spread pages), then you can use the PDF converter to automatically split all of your spreads.

  4. Kim says:

    I purchased a personal license and have been successful uploading to my remote server. However, I am not able to get it to work on my localhost. In the key generator Allowed Domains I have put offline, localhost:8888,

  5. Kim says:

    I started with template3_empty and have begun adding content and will need to style using css. In your PageFlip5 documentation, Configuration, Inline Content I found this information:
    As seen in the previous code examples, the Page definition div’s content is the Content added to the Page. The container of the content can be formatted with CSS, will talk about it little later.

    Do you have further documentation that will help me with the css styling? I am not sure where to link the style sheet. Is it to the template3_empty.html or the book.html or the external file that I have created for the content?

    Thank you.

    • Kim says:

      I wanted to add that the specific problem I am having is that I can’t position my page content (book) to sit at top. Somewhere there is a margin or padding set that I can’t locate to change. Basically, the content on my page is sitting down approx. 30-40px from top of page and I don’t want that.

      Thank you.

  6. Nuno Ramos says:


    We are an agency that need to create a flipbook, from a PDF, to a client.
    It will be the client who installs the flipbook files on his intranet.

    Our questions.

    Which licence is adequate to this purpose?
    Does your software generates the files, so we can deliver them to client, so he can install them on his intranet?


  7. Justin Talkowski says:

    I’ve been having a quick fiddle with the templates and it’s brilliantly customisable. The animation is fabulous quality. I’ve got images in there and added hyperlinks to them and that seems to work perfectly so it’s a leap forward from the current method our company uses. My question is, is there likely to be an option to add a ‘grey box’ style pop-up from a hyperlink? Or is it simply a case that I could add that now and need to just strip it into the existing code? Many thanks in advance, Justin.

  8. Planeix says:

    Hi, is it possible to download a single page or the pdf, or the entire page flip ?

    • Abel Vincze says:

      While converting a PDF, you can either select which page you want to convert (you can turn off individual pages), or after downloading the generated package, you can access any of the generated pages. It is possible that i didn’t understand your question…

  9. yaniv says:

    Hi, first of all great flexible engine with great performance.

    my question,
    Our company have server full of PDF files which the users create (for print propose),
    now i wonder if we are able to use your automatic PDF convertor service in-house to create digital books for clients in our website beside using your API?,
    you know.. to work with your mechanism that you created that already speaks well with Pageflip automatically.

    is there an option at all?


  10. Gary says:

    How to change the book control icons color. I have found the id pageflip-controls but the color change there takes no effect. Inside the pageflip.css file page 179. I ask cause while on a transparent black background you cannot see the buttons until you hover over them.

  11. Vasyaga says:

    Hi, and your product is awesome!

    My question is: Can I re-initialize a #pageflip object dynamically? For example: I wanna put a few buttons which will re-init a page flipping in different modes and/or by different content on the same page. So far I am trying to use the following approach:
    1) $(‘#pageflip”).remove() – to remove old page flip object
    2) Create a new #pageflip div with brand new content using JQuery
    3) call pageflipInit() again.

    But I suppose this approach doesn’t work. Do you have any solution for that? Thanks in advance!

  12. Dave says:

    I want to do a page starting on 0 but i don´t understand righ how start a project since 0, do you have something more like a tutoria basic , step by step? thank you

  13. Nacho says:

    Hi, Are the URL Links inside PDF working? I have try to convert one PDF with URL Links and links are missing in pageflip.


    • Abel Vincze says:

      Hi, Yes they are working, but bookmarks not, and it is possible that they are set as bookmark by the creator. If you think they are regular PDF Links, please send me the pdf file (if possible to support at pageflip-books dot com), and i will check the log files durnig conversion, to find out why they are missing.

  14. We have 3 domains. ( – and )
    For each domain i have several pdf files and i want to make flipbooks to publish on my domain.
    What licence do I need?

  15. vince says:

    hi, i’d like to add sound files to my pdf ebooks. how would this be done? will it work with your pdf converter or will i have to some coding in html5?

  16. Morten says:

    Can you change the size of the zoomed in mode, so that the size of the zoom pages are higher?

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