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December 2, 2014 by Abel Vincze | Filed under Uncategorized.

I proudly announce the second version of the PDF to Pageflip 5 converter, which is an almost new app with custom PDF parser for page info and link retrieval, new rendering engine and some helpful new features.

PDF to Pageflip 5 converter 2

PDF to Pageflip 5 converter 2

Let’s see what you get with the new version:

  • Working PDF links in Pageflip
  • Faster preview rendering
  • Import options for different page sizes handling
  • Better recognition of spreads and rotated pages
  • Scaling different page sizes to fit the page
  • Sharing options

Making the PDF parser was a great experience, and give an easy way to get real page number, page sizes, and links from the PDF. It is compact, fast, and yet 99% compatible. Thanks to it, all Links are retrieved from the PDF and transferred to the Pageflip book, both page and URL links.

The converter automatically recognize spreads and rotated pages (based on first page size), and split or rotate them, but with the new import options, you can now set manually how spreads, rotated pages, or pages with different sizes are handled.

The new rendering engine (not talking about ImageMagick, which makes the raw PDF to image conversion) is optimized for background processing, and can run on multiple cores, so this way we can achieve up to 4x speedup for the conversion time.

All preview rendering jobs are running on 4 cores, but the conversion speed depends on the License used:
Trial, Personal: 1x
Single: 2x
10 Pack, Multi*, Unlimited: 4x

About the near future:
The PDF converter will be soon available as Licensed Application you can install on your own server, and do conversion on your own, using the same tool, but at the maximum speed, which depends on your server’s resources .

The PDF converter will also be available as API with subscription type access. With the API version, you can convert PDF from your own website, calling a simple php script with a set of POST variables, the conversion will instantly start, and as it is ready you can download the zipped package. Progress checking included.


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