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November 3, 2014 by Abel Vincze | Filed under News.

The last week, the Pageflip PDF Converter app was moved to a new dedicated server. Conversion are now made 2 to 10 times faster then before. Yeah!

I’m also working on the converter’s engine, so the converted Pageflip books will soon includes all the page and URL links from the original PDF.

As part of this improvement, i wrote a custom PDF parser script from scratches. This script retrieve many informations from large PDFs in less than a second, which will improve the performance of the converter. All of these new features will be added the converter, which will result in a slightly different new version.

As the PDF file format gives a lot of freedom for PDF generating applications, it was a great challenge retrieve the all the needed informations from many different PDF, but despit the huge number of testing, there should be issues with some third party generated PDFs, so the converter will still abeta version. For this reason, i added a smart logging system, so if your PDF is not parsed correctly, You just need to send me an e-mail, and i will be able to fix the script using you PDF’s data-structure (without and content data, keeping your privacy safe).

And one mere thing: the PDF converter will then packaged to a purchasable product, you can install on your server, and use them from your browser, just like the current version, except that it will run on your own server. Please note, that running the converter needs a server with lot of processing power, with Imagemagick installed on it.


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