Pageflip in WordPress – Part I

May 6, 2014 by Abel Vincze | Filed under FAQ, Tutorial.

Hello! I decided to start this blog to answer most frequent questions here, and post more informations about recent developments.

The first Post in this WordPress Blog is about Pageflip5 in WordPress. After setting up the Blog, i installed the Pageflip 5 WordPress Plugin in a single minute, and it’s ready to use:

1 – uploading the Pageflip 5 WordPress Plugin files to the WP’s plugin folder.

Uploading the Pageflip 5 WordPress Plug-in

Uploading the Plug-in to our WordPress’ plug-in folder

2 – Activating the Plugin

Activating Pageflip 5 WordPress Plugin

Activate the Plug-in by clicking on the Activate…

3 – Setting up the Plugin’s Key using the online Key Generator

Unlocking Pageflip 5 WordPress Plugin

Unlocking Pageflip 5 WordPress Plugin

Please make attention, that all information matches at the unlock process:
– The domain from the site URL
– Copyright text
– And the Key

At this point, you’re ready to embed a Pageflip 5 book in your WordPress Post or Page. Just use the [pageflip5] shortcode, and a book (default an empty book with 4 pages) will appear in your Post/Page.

There is two different way you can add content to the book:

A – Attach image files with the Add Media Button to the Post/Page, and these image files will be displayed on the Book’s pages, each image in a page.

B – You can also set up a Book the same way as you do it with the template.

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