Pageflip 5 Licenses explained: Which license is the best choice, are the prices a monthly/per year fees?

All Pageflip 5 license prices are one time fees.

While i try to make it a simple choice, i get asked from time to time, what means Domains allowed or Publishers/Domain, and so on. So i will describe each options, and licenses:

Pageflip 5 Licenses

Available Pageflip5 Licenses

Domains allowed

The number of domains on which you can use Pageflip 5. Usually a website is running on a single domain, like on this Blog, Pageflip is running on the domain

Single and Multi User licenses allows usage on 1 domain. If you want to make Pageflip books on more than one domain, you have to choose 10-Pack, Multi Host or Unlimited Licenses.


Publisher is the owner of the content displayed with Pageflip 5, Usually it is the One who bought a license. Publishers/Domain means the number of people or companies who uses Pageflip 5 on a single domain.

In most of the cases, there’s only one publisher on a domain.

If you have a Blog/Web Service on which multiple authors (private persons or companies) can uses Pageflip5 to display their own contents, you need a License which allows that number of publishers: 10-Pack allows Up to 10 publishers/domain, and Multi User allows up to 50000 publisher on a single domain.


The number of Pageflip books on a single domain. It’s unlimited for all licenses.

Offline copies

If Pageflip 5 is distibuted on an offline media, like terminals, CD/DVD or USB pen drives that usage is classified as Offline usage, and so all copies needs a License: 10-Pack License allows 1000, Multi Host allows 10000, and with an Unlimited license you can make unlimited offline copies.

PDF convert speed

With all of the licenses you’re allowed to use the online PDF to Pageflip converter. The speed of the conversion depends on how many processor is used for your conversion job.

License Types

Single – This is a commercial license for single Publisher to use it on a single domain.

10-Pack – For up to 10 domains, and up to 10 Publishers/domain

Multi Host – For up to 25 domains, and a single Publisher/domain

Multi User – For up to 50000 Publishers on a single domain

Unlimited – For unlimited number of websites and a single Publisher/domain

Do i forget something? Comments are welcomes!


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  1. Tomasz Kuczborski says:

    Can I enter:
    when I have a Personal or Single license?

    Can I work offline during production?

    Tomek Kuczborski

  2. adib says:

    can I create unlimited page in this ebook?

  3. I have a Mac. Will your software program run on a Mac? I can’t find this answer on your website.

  4. Joandi says:

    how about use your script at Phonegap application? which license should i use? it compiled into mobile application…

  5. Sven says:

    Unfortunately you listed the question in the title but didn’t answer it (or at least I missed it while reading)

    Are the prices monthly or per year fee?

  6. AdamG says:

    I can’t download/request tray version of your software – i’m getting “-1,Enter a valid License-Key!” error

  7. AntonE says:


    Im interested in buying a pageflip5 license. But which one should i buy?
    The website is for a school event and i won’t be selling anything through the website.

  8. Johnny Van Bavegem says:

    I am using a 10-pack of PageFlip 4.1 (flash version). Can I upgrade to HTML5 version for free or should I buy another license?

  9. AntonE says:

    Hi again. Im wondering if there is possible to have a separate menu or table of contents for pageflip5? Possitioned right above the book, instead of inside the book, and working exactly like your “3 page: Meet pageflip5″ in the demo? So that i don’t have to go to the 3 page everytime i go look for a specific page.

  10. Schun says:

    hi, i have some question in the pageflip5 documentation about the part of ‘key generator’,
    i already have a personal licenses key and my own domain, what does it mean to set copyright message and where`s this text
    “var Key = { Copyright: “©2013 Iparigrafika Ltd.”,
    Key: “ZQ8n9ytqwvhUjR4d1c” };”
    should i embed to?

    • Abel Vincze says:

      The copyright text can be displayed below the book optionally by setting ShowCopyright: true in the config. It can only be changed with the Key generator, at the same time you specify the allowed domains.

  11. Mr. K says:


    we are a web agency and want to use the pageflip5 for our customers. The question is which licence is the correct one:

    We want use the pageflip5 at three customers. Every customer has his own domain, two customers want a CD-Version (> 20.000 CDs total).

    Now i am not sure: Need we 1 ultimate host licence for all customers or need we 1 licence per customer.

  12. Shannon says:

    Hello, I don’t understand how your license work.

    I’m a web designer, so if I’d like to include pageflip on my clients’ websites or DVDs, so does it mean I should go for the unlimited license? Does that make me a publisher for multiple clients?

  13. Sha says:

    i have download your 14 day trial version and implement it in my MVC project but it is not running page flipping functionality when i am running my project with this url — http://localhost:62669/test.html. But when i am directly opening my page with this path — file:///C:/workarea/test/kaListensPageFlip/kaListens/test.html then page flipper is running.

    So please let me know for local application means with local host domain trial version will work or not. Or we have to buy license for local host, Because first we have to check is this flipper will full fill our requirements or not.


  14. Mehmet says:

    We Couldn’t decide which licenses is good for us.

    We have one domain, but under that domain we will have 10 diffrent book. (www.boook/1 , etc… kinda) We will have an archive and the users can select fromt the archive under the same domain.

    will be the single license is enough or should we get an other licence.

  15. trial says:

    I’m using a trial version and updated the files using Dreamweaver. I uploaded all the files into our server to test the performance in all browser and tablet and I’m getting a blank page. Am I missing a file to upload into our server?

  16. Anthony says:

    I have question, about the key generator thing, we need this key to download only the page flip 5 am i right?.. Or this key used to check if the Pageflip5 is not uploaded in different domain..
    Example. I buy the Personal License which can only be used at 1 domain..
    then i upload it to

    So when i upload this in another domain example:

    What will happen to that?..

    • Abel Vincze says:

      When you purchase a License, you get a “License Key”. With this License Key, you can access the download page, the key generator and the PDF converter. The Key generator make you a Key (not a License Key), which you can use to allow Pageflip usage on a specific domain. If you move your website on a different domain, just go back to the Key generator, and make a new Key. You can do this any time.

      • Anthony says:

        Okay i understand now.. But what if i just copied my pageflip5 to other domain?.. without removing it to the old domain?.. and i go to your key generator to create a licence key for the new website?.

        Does it mean that the old domain that has pageflip will not work anymore? Using personal licence?

        So using personal licence, i have now 2 different domain with pageflip5 is that allowed using personal?.. if not, then how do you detect if someone installed it in different domains with personal licence(which allowed 1 domain only).

        Please enlighten me. thanks..

  17. ayhan says:

    I can´t find in the preview of a created ebook or in the options the “print-pdf”-function. Can try to print the pdf/ebock with right click but in the printer preview there is only a white paper with the page number.

    • Abel Vincze says:

      There is no Print function in Pageflip5. You can print the actual visible pages using the Browser print feature – but it doesn’t print the background pictures – OR you can upload a pdf version of your book, and users can download and print it.

  18. Sascha Nitschke says:


    I am going to purchase a 10-Pack license and give domain specific keys to my customers. My question: Can each customer use the online converter ( with the domain specific key?

    Thank you.


    • Abel Vincze says:

      Hi, The PDF converter can only used by the License owners, and only with the License Key (as the key generator is built into the converter). If you want your customer to access the online PDF converter, they need their own License Key to access it.

      • Sascha Nitschke says:


        thank you for the fast response. This is a problem for my customers. Perhaps they would purchase their own license key.

        Best regards

  19. Can I use this along with squarespace ?

  20. Lasse says:

    If I purchase the unlimited, can I upgrade that one to the PDF CONVERTER + SINGLE** afterwards?

  21. Dennis says:

    Hi, is it possible to add a download pdf function for visitors who want to download the pdf-file to their desktop?

  22. Hi

    Can I convert my PDF file to a page flip online and download the page flip so that I can use it on my website?

  23. Daniel says:


    We have one domain with many subdomains.
    Are all subdomains considered as one domain, belonging to the main domain?

    If yes, the single license should be fine, shouldn’t it?

  24. liz eijsbouts says:

    When I buy a 10 pack license it means that I can put the brochures on different websites? As many as I want?
    And what about the pdf-converter. Is this included in the license? Because I see a price € 999,- for an pdf-converter.
    thnx for your answer in advance, bye Liz

    • Abel Vincze says:

      Hi, With a 10 pack license, you can upload Your Pageflip books to up to 10 different websites. The number of books uploaded are not limited, you can make as many as you want. You can also use the online PDF converter. The 999€ converter price is for those who wish to install it on their own server, it’s not the same as our free online service.

  25. Mohit Gupta says:


    If i purchase personal license can i use it for my server IP address?
    And later on after development can i use the same license on my blog domain address?

  26. Leon says:

    Just licensing question,
    If i own “” but also own “”, which is just redirected to “”.

    Would you consider this a 1 domain license or a mulit domain license.
    The 2 domains will always be identical.


  27. Leon Hewitt says:

    If i have 3 domain names that simply mask the 1 web site.
    Can i use a single license and still have the 1 book successfully load via the 3 different URL’s?

    The urls are masked so rather than redirecting, the address bar will maintain the typed URL rather than the destination site.

    Leon Hewitt

  28. Jon Strabala says:

    I want to use hand coded HTML for my site to use a (HTML5 version) of PageFlip5

    How do I add my key made with the Key generator (not a License Key),into my hand coded HTML ?

    Please provide a simple example HTML file

  29. chris says:


    I am interested with the pdf converter on my server
    In the online doc, you write that is in the

    But how can i find this folder?
    I downloaded the trial version but i don’t find it?

    thank you

    • Abel Vincze says:

      Hi, the pageflip5_converter is not available for trial, and standard licenses. It is only part of the purchased “Licensed PDF to Pageflip converter” package. You can download a short test script, that help you check if your webserver is ready for using the PDF converter, but not the converter.
      Please send a mail for for more information about the converter.

  30. Dean Hauska says:

    Hello! Please tell me (it is not part of preview) if there is option to make visible some sort of ‘Table of content’ next to a flipping book (at the same time while flipping it) so user could see how they navigate through a book? That would be needed for me (my clients) to buy Your 10-pack. Thanx for fast answer. Dean

    • Abel Vincze says:

      The easiest way, is to set up thumbnails the way only those pages have thumbnails which point to one of the “table of content” (TOC) element. For example you have a book with 500 pages, and 30 chapters, let’s define thumbnails only for the chapters’ first pages, and you can set thumbnails to be always visible (add some margin to the top, to give space to the thumbnails on top of the book). Clicking on them will open the book at that chapter, just like a TOC link.

      If you wish to make a list-like TOC, just place a div next to the div#pageflip, and use pageflip’s event handlers, to highlight the right entry.

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