Brief history of Pageflip

All started at a quiet weekend in 2004 spring, i was browsing and found a basic, unfinished flipping effect with the authors comment “take the source and finish it if you want”. I like challenges, so i didn’t take the sources, but started figuring out the mathematics of the effect. A few hours later, the flipping mechanism was done is flash (AS1), and the next day i finished version 1 of pageflip: four corner draggable flipping book, with flipping in both direction. The look of the flipping animation was almost the same as today, but without click control (only drag). Content were defined as embedded MovieClips.

The first tech demo version of Pageflip

The first tech demo version of Pageflip

I sent it to Mario, the guy who did the unfinished flip effect, with the source file, and he has posted it on his Blog: From that point, more and more people was interested about the effect, and i did a second version with many code improvements, optional large cover and corner clicking for flipping. Source was downloadable for this version too.

Some of the old versions are still available here (Flash Player needed):

First Tech Demo
Version 1
Version 2
Version 2.25

These versions lacks an important feature: dynamic content loading. I got many offers to make a dynamic versions, so finally version 3 was born, it uses an XML configuration file for storing settings and page URLs. The page was external files, and there started the history of the commercial version.

Since then, Pageflip was developed constantly: i got many feature requestes, that was later implemented, and i also added features, and customizable options again and again.

Mainwhile some template selling site started selling my free version (i got many support requestes from their clients), and others are done their own version, that was almost the same, except from UI design, and extra features.

The next big step was the release of Pageflip 4, entirely rewritten in Flash Actionscrip3, with many extra features like Table of contents, info, language switch, thumbnails (preview), fully configurable HotSpots, external scripting possibilities, API, etc…
It was smooth on fast computers thanks to the switch from 30 to 60 FPS framerate.

Pageflip 4 in actionscript 3 with lot of new features

Pageflip 4 in actionscript 3 with lot of new features

In Pageflip 4 the mathematics used to calculate page positions/rotation, maskings and shadow position was also changed. The result was a smoother animation, and precize positioning. The shaking effect at the farest point from the pointer was eliminated.

A new fipping effect, the 3D hard cover was also introduced along with the coolest feature: the Multiflip, from now you can flip more pages at the same time, without finishing the previous one, and not only two flips, but even 8-10…

Mainwhile the Flash platform began to die, and tablets came into everyday’s life, mostly without supporting Flash.

Finally the actual version, Pageflip 5 was released at the end of Summer 2013. On a new platform – HTML5, CSS3, javascript, jQuery – in a totally different environement, rewritten for the third time, with almost the same look and control: it was a big challenge (for me), but finally done, and it is smoother than before, and even more customizable than ever, cause it is HTML, you can now use any HTML5 content, style or animate with CSS3, script with javascript and jQuery.

Pageflip 5 screenshot

Pageflip 5, the HTML5 version of the template

Pageflip 5 is smoother than any competitor’s clones.

Pageflip was always designed to be an interactive book, with the freedom of creating custom content on the pages by web builders.

With the recently released online tool, PDF to Pageflip converter, this started to change. With this tool, everyone is able to create Pageflip books from any PDF document.

To be continued…


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  1. Zsuz says:

    nagyon szép, de mutasd a legujabbat is :)

  2. Hi. Abel.

    Pageflip 5 the update of this great, I would like to know if there are any tutorial for the search page if this can already find some name or keywords within the content, not just page numbers.
    best regards

    • Abel Vincze says:

      Thanks! I’m working on finding a solution for a page level search function which could be compatible with search engines like google. But i’m not sure is it what you’re looking for, or only a search function within Pageflip with selection of the item found on the pages?

      • Hi. I appreciate your attention. Only the search engine within the pageflip that inserting a keyword takes me to some page. The search engine works and inserting the number of the page but it can work by inserting the word?
        best regards

      • Abel Vincze says:

        It isn’t a search function (yet, good idea to make it so), it;s there to enter the page number, or page Name. I could be easy extended to be a search function, so i put this issue to my To Do list. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Gilles Caron says:

    I was using another Flash based flipping book before I found your HTML version.
    Now, I only used your software for my tests and will use it on my website for sure. And having the PDF to PageFlip online will make it faster for me to do it.
    I still need (and want) to learn more about creating books, but I’m very happy with your work right now.
    Great piece of software…

  4. dzine says:

    Hi, I am a lecturer and teach publication design. is it possible to get the pageflip and get free tutorials for our students? Do you have a student rate? we are located in South Africa. WOuld appreciate online tutorials.

    thanx! this is such a great tool!

  5. beth says:

    Hi there, I’d be interested in using your product. It looks amazing! Just a couple of questions, will I be able to embed vimeo videos in my finished pages? And how would that be done? AND is it possible to have the thumbnails on the left hand side of the book, showing up at all times?
    Thank you!

  6. Gabor Miglecz says:

    Hi Abel, is your solution able to load and turn CANVAS element featured html as a single page too?
    A future vision in range a CMS system that produces beautiful books/magazines for the screens…
    Pageflip5 is cool, you rock!
    (system filtered out my CANVAS word put between less-than-greater-than signs, sorry , please delete previous reply )

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