CSS Bug fixed

September 30, 2016 by Abel Vincze | Comments Off | Filed in Bug fix

Hi all, long time no update, i know… But i’m not the one who can write every day a new article. This time i have to post about a bug fix, which is a bit disagreeable – but it happened.

While releasing the latest update which fixed some old issues, a new line in a CSS file was left there, which caused the manual flipping to fail every time you drag the page.

To fix it, you can download the product package again from http://pageflip-books.com/download.php or fix it manually by removing a single rule from line 14 of page flip.css. After fixing it, the result is an empty rule:

.pf-book-container {

If you run into this issue, please use one of the methods above.

PDF Converter 2

December 2, 2014 by Abel Vincze | Comments Off | Filed in Uncategorized

I proudly announce the second version of the PDF to Pageflip 5 converter, which is an almost new app with custom PDF parser for page info and link retrieval, new rendering engine and some helpful new features.

PDF to Pageflip 5 converter 2

PDF to Pageflip 5 converter 2

Let’s see what you get with the new version:

  • Working PDF links in Pageflip
  • Faster preview rendering
  • Import options for different page sizes handling
  • Better recognition of spreads and rotated pages
  • Scaling different page sizes to fit the page
  • Sharing options

Making the PDF parser was a great experience, and give an easy way to get real page number, page sizes, and links from the PDF. It is compact, fast, and yet 99% compatible. Thanks to it, all Links are retrieved from the PDF and transferred to the Pageflip book, both page and URL links.

The converter automatically recognize spreads and rotated pages (based on first page size), and split or rotate them, but with the new import options, you can now set manually how spreads, rotated pages, or pages with different sizes are handled.

The new rendering engine (not talking about ImageMagick, which makes the raw PDF to image conversion) is optimized for background processing, and can run on multiple cores, so this way we can achieve up to 4x speedup for the conversion time.

All preview rendering jobs are running on 4 cores, but the conversion speed depends on the License used:
Trial, Personal: 1x
Single: 2x
10 Pack, Multi*, Unlimited: 4x

About the near future:
The PDF converter will be soon available as Licensed Application you can install on your own server, and do conversion on your own, using the same tool, but at the maximum speed, which depends on your server’s resources .

The PDF converter will also be available as API with subscription type access. With the API version, you can convert PDF from your own website, calling a simple php script with a set of POST variables, the conversion will instantly start, and as it is ready you can download the zipped package. Progress checking included.

Pageflip News

November 3, 2014 by Abel Vincze | Comments Off | Filed in News

The last week, the Pageflip PDF Converter app was moved to a new dedicated server. Conversion are now made 2 to 10 times faster then before. Yeah!

I’m also working on the converter’s engine, so the converted Pageflip books will soon includes all the page and URL links from the original PDF.

As part of this improvement, i wrote a custom PDF parser script from scratches. This script retrieve many informations from large PDFs in less than a second, which will improve the performance of the converter. All of these new features will be added the converter, which will result in a slightly different new version.

As the PDF file format gives a lot of freedom for PDF generating applications, it was a great challenge retrieve the all the needed informations from many different PDF, but despit the huge number of testing, there should be issues with some third party generated PDFs, so the converter will still abeta version. For this reason, i added a smart logging system, so if your PDF is not parsed correctly, You just need to send me an e-mail, and i will be able to fix the script using you PDF’s data-structure (without and content data, keeping your privacy safe).

And one mere thing: the PDF converter will then packaged to a purchasable product, you can install on your server, and use them from your browser, just like the current version, except that it will run on your own server. Please note, that running the converter needs a server with lot of processing power, with Imagemagick installed on it.

From PDF to WordPress

July 23, 2014 by Abel Vincze | 7 Comments | Filed in FAQ, Tutorial

Creating books for your WordPress Blog using the PDF to Pageflip converter tool is simple, just follow these steps:

1. generate and download your converted pdf document (http://pageflip-books.com/pdf-converter.php)
2. Create a New Post in WordPress (where the Pageflip5 WordPress Plugin is already installed and activated)
3. Upload all the images from the pageflipdata folder (default location) in the downloaded package, except thumbnail files (which filename ends with _th)
4. Add this simple shortcode to Your WordPress post body text: [pageflip5]
5. Publish the post.

Pageflip in WordPress – Part II

May 8, 2014 by Abel Vincze | 14 Comments | Filed in Tutorial

Here is an example, what we can do with a simple shortcode [pageflip5] that turns into a Pageflip Book, using only media (images) uploaded to this Post:

(Featured with the Author’s and Publisher’s written permission. Illustrator: Pablo Montes de Oca Gutiérrez. Publishing House: Gente Nueva)

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Key Generator updated

May 6, 2014 by Abel Vincze | Comments Off | Filed in Update

The online Key Generator got two new features:

The new "Download key.js file" button

The new “Download key.js file” button

There’s now a “Download key.js file” button, which let you download a configured key.js file, then you need to overwrite your original file with it, and it’s ready. This way, you don’t need to open/edit/save the file.

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Pageflip in WordPress – Part I

May 6, 2014 by Abel Vincze | Comments Off | Filed in FAQ, Tutorial

Hello! I decided to start this blog to answer most frequent questions here, and post more informations about recent developments.

The first Post in this WordPress Blog is about Pageflip5 in WordPress. After setting up the Blog, i installed the Pageflip 5 WordPress Plugin in a single minute, and it’s ready to use:

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